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About Us

About Us

  • Score-Spot is India’s first football and cricket field which offers digital cameras installed to provide you with a great experience of playing 5-a-side football and cricket on a turf.
  • Watch yourself in action on our high end LED screens right outside the turf and feel like a star every time you score!
  • Take your sports ambitions to the next level and play your favourite games in professional style, with the support of modern facilities.

About the concept

  • The sports industry in India is growing at a rapid rate. Over the years the demand for proper infrastructure for sports has increased rapidly.
  • The idea is to give such a platform to sports enthusiasts where they can play without being worried about injuries or uneven surfaces.
  • Matching international standards in terms of facilities and services.

Mission and Vission

  • Develop international standard infrastructure to promote youth level and grassroot level training in India.
  • Bring about a change in the total football playing experience.
  • Introduce futsal and box cricket tournaments that will elevate the sport at a local level.
  • To continue finding opportunities through which attention can be given to Women’s football in India.


Want to hone your football and cricket skills with the help of professional coaches? Score Spot offers extensive coaching and training facilities to all those avid sports people who are eager to learn more about their favourite game and practice right, with experienced professionals. So make the most of this opportunity and take your passion for football or cricket to new levels, only with Score Spot!

Special Events

Sports Themed Birthday Parties

Sports themed birthday parties have a new destination and that destination is none other than Score-Spot! If you’ve had enough of the same old birthday celebrations in enclosed places, then this is the venue that will completely change that. An outdoor terrace setup with LED lights adding a party atmospheric feel to give your kid the best party experience! Various sporting activities involved conducted by professional coaches and hosts that keep your child completely entertained and involved!

Contact us on 7506744541 for all your birthday party related inquiries and requirements.

Corporate Events

Looking for a spot to organize sports events for your office? Then Score Spot is just the place you were searching for! With all the modern facilities and services to support a good, long game of football or cricket, Score Spot provides the perfect turf to host corporate matches, and promote the sense of camaraderie among the office workers through a game of sport. Whether it is inter-departmental games or just friendly matches between office members, Score Spot is the ideal location for all kinds of corporate events!

Leagues & Tournaments

Passionate about football, cricket or basketball? Here is your chance to play your favourite sport in a professional style! At Score Spot, you can organize leagues and tournaments with your local team mates and refine your sporting skills through such extensive competitions. With all the modern amenities available on the spot, along with the best ground conditions, Score Spot is the ultimate destination for organizing professional football league events and cricket tournaments with various local teams and players.