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Multi sport turf for 5 a side football & box cricket

Enjoy the popular sports of football and cricket, at one convenient location, well-equipped with facilities matching international standards.

Basket Ball Court

If football and cricket don’t interest you as much as basketball, no worries. At Score Spot we have all the infrastructure and facilities to suit a basketball enthusiast.

Replay systems

Want to relive that amazing shot or goal you made? Our Replay systems will let you enjoy your best sporting moments as many times as you want.

Digital Cameras

Now, you can take home all the memories from your sporting achievements at Scorespot, thanks to our digital cameras that will capture your glories perfectly.


Ever dreamt of seeing yourself play on big screens like a professional? Our big TV screens will display your game and fulfill your dream of playing like a pro.


Whether it is football, cricket or basketball, Score Spot has all the equipment you will ever need to practice and master your favourite sport.

High intensity Sports lights

Get the professional feel while playing your favourite sport! Our high intensity sports lights will ensure that there is never a dull moment in your game.

LED lights

Enjoy a sports themed event or birthday party to the fullest! Our LED lights will create the perfect ambiance, to make your party a memorable affair.

Parking facility in the Mall

Say goodbye to your parking woes and enjoy your game without worrying about your vehicle’s safety. Score Spot provides excellent parking facilities in the mall itself.

Restrooms in the mall

No need to look for places to freshen up after a good game of football or cricket! You can use the mall restroom to refresh immediately after your sporting session.